Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my roof inspected?
We recommend having a roof inspection every two years for your normal maintenance needs.

Is it important to have regular maintenance on my roof?
Yes. The failure to find and correct minor roof deterioration in the earliest stages is probably the greatest cause of premature roof problems.

How are the estimates done?
After an inspection is scheduled, a member of our staff will call when we are on the way to your property. From there, a highly trained team member will inspect your roof system, as well as take pictures of the roof system. Upon returning to the office, the pictures will be downloaded into an inspection report, and a proposal will be prepared at the same time. A member of our staff will then email the inspection report and proposal to your for your review. The proposal will be a detailed report on what is needed to fix your roof, why the services are needed, and the cost. It is our goal to be prompt and precise with troubleshooting the problems while being attentive to the home owners’ wants and needs.

Why is my roof leaking?
Some of the most common reasons a roof leaks is due to missing roof materials (includes materials that help divert water for proper drainage), cracks in coating or seals around penetrations (usually around A/C units, fireplaces, vents, or skylights), and an improperly installed roof system. It’s important to know that even if you have a new roof, the roof must be maintained in order to extend the life of the roof, as well as save you money from costly repairs in the future. If your roof is leaking, or you would like to know more about the maintenance required for your roof system, please call Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an inspection.

How bad is a minor leak? What should I do?
A leak is never minor! Leaks cause mold, mildew, rotten wood, damaged drywall, and can lead to damage of personal possessions. Mold is no laughing matter since it can be breathed into the lungs causing respiratory infections. Mold can be especially detrimental to children and pets. Addressing the leak as soon as you notice it will help prevent damages to your home and health.

I replaced my roof ten years ago with a 25 yr shingle, during the last rain storm I had a leak, is my roof still under warranty?
There is a wide misconception regarding warranties. Manufacturers guarantee that their products (shingles, tile, etc.) will last for a number of years. However, the manufacturer guarantee/warranty does not warranty the installation of their products. If the installation is improperly done, the manufacturer’s warranty will be invalid. In addition, overlooking the 2-year maintenance inspections can decrease the life expectancy of the manufacturer products and possibly void their warranty as well. We here at Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. stand behind our work, which is why we tend to offer longer “installation” warranties over other companies. However, we do stress that maintenance inspections must be completed every 2 years. The length of the installation warranty will be provided in your proposal.

What do I do, if a storm damaged my roof?
A quick response is recommended to reduce any further damage to your home. It’s possible that your homeowner’s insurance covers storm damage, so we recommend that you call your insurance company as soon as possible. Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. provides a packet to assist with insurance claims. To schedule an inspection, call (520) 505-5678.

Where should I install my satellite?
The satellite installation is based on preference; it should not interfere with the roof’s integrity. Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. recommends to request to have the satellite removed from the roof entirely and placed on another location of your property.

Why should I use a licensed contractor?

  • Insurance claims will not be accepted by insurance companies if the roofing company is not licensed.
  • Because you know that they meets the state’s requirements for experience and understands roofing.
  • Contracting companies have liabilities. If a worker is injured on the property, the homeowner is not obligated to pay for damages when working with a licensed and insured contractor. Rest assured, Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. is both licensed and insured!

Why Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. for us?
Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. ensures customer satisfaction. We are licensed, insured and bonded which means we have gone through proper training and passed the state roofing exams, protection between all parties involved (home owners, commercial property owners, and Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. employees). Basically, we got you covered! Call us with any of questions at 520-270-2953, where we are free to help you out.

Should I coat my shingle roof? My neighbor said that coating the shingles will help protect it more?
No, shingles are not made to coat. It will cause problems in the future. When a shingle is coated, it allows pockets to form so water will penetrate pass the shingles.

Do I have to be home when the roof is being serviced?
No, Arizona Roofing Solutions, Inc. understands that home owners are busy and may not always be available. It is unnecessary for home owners to be home for inspections. It would significantly help if you are home in a leak-related call.

What should I expect from a roof estimate?
Professional work and service with a detailed explanation of your estimate that includes what is needed and why.